Why am I not getting the Co-op Member discount?



Are you a Member?

Only people who have purchased a Co-op Membership are eligible for Member pricing. Creating an account on the website is not the same as becoming a Co-op Member.

Have you logged in?

If not, then the Member Price will be displayed but the totals in the shopping basket will be for the non-member value until you log in with your member account.

Are you logging in with the email address connected to your membership?

When you signed up for The Co-op Membership either in a Store or Online, you gave us your email address. That email address is the one your membership and account is connected to. If you log in with any other account, it will not be a "Member Account" and you will see the higher prices non-members pay.

If you do not remember what email you signed up to The Co-op Membership with, you can always contact our Customer Care team, and they can help you either merge your accounts, or help you get the login details for your Member Account.

Does the product you're looking at have a lower Member Price?

Some items are without member discounts. You can see prices on the product page.

You can read more about Co-op Membership here.

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