What does my order status mean?

Here is a quick explanation of the order statuses and what they mean:


We have received your order! It's in the process of being allocated to one of our stores to fulfil. If your order has been Pending for more than 2 business days, something might be wrong. Please contact us here for more information. 



Your order is being picked and packed by a store!


Partially Dispatched

The first part of your order is on its way to you. Unfortunately not all items were available in the same warehouse (Store) for this first shipment, but the remaining products will follow soon from another store, warehouse. (At no extra cost to you.)


Fully Dispatched

All items in your order have been sent to you.



Used for digital items as of Jan 2015. If you have bought digital gift cards or digital goods, your order will have the status Complete, as the digital goods have been instantly delivered to your email.



The Co-op uses state of the art anti-fraud technology to ensure our customers' details and finances are safe. If your order is in Review it means that our anti-fraud system has sent your order to a Co-op team member for it to be checked. As this is handled by a system, we know that sometimes an order is sent to review by mistake, and we do our best to check all these orders swiftly. The average time it takes for the team to check and release a valid order is 35 minutes. If your order has been in Review for more than one full business day, please contact us here.


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