Why did my credit card payment decline ?

If your credit card payment declined during checkout, it can be from the following reasons:


  • A technical error. "Gateway Error" (Worth trying again) Its not uncommon that the Payment Gateway's are having issues with the connections, and the payment declines even though everything is correct.
  • Payment Gateway Maintenance. Approximately bi-monthly the payment gateway is down for maintenance. This usually happens between 1am-6am in the morning. If you are experiencing issues with declined payments in this time frame, its worth revisiting your order again the following day.
  • Insufficient funds on the account the card is connected to.
  • The card has been reported stolen/blacklisted.
  • If your order information is being flagged by our Anti Fraud System.
  • If your card has a history of charge backs, we assume that the card has been compromised, and we cannot take a such order for the safety of our customers.
  • If you are placed in / wanting delivery to a Hight Risk Country.


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